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  • Can I use your music for my YouTube video?
    Answer: Yes, you may use my music for non-monetized videos on YouTube.
  • Can I use your music for my student project?
    Answer: Yes, I offer free usage for most student projects. But, if you're promoting a school, company, or product, please contact me by email at with the details first.
  • How can I use your music for a commercial project?
    Answer: Please contact me by email at or fill out my contact form, and I will respond with a price quote.
  • What is your music-making process?
    Answer: I use Cubase Pro, a mix of real and virtual instruments, and try to record live musicians whenever possible. For more information about my process, follow me on Instagram.
  • Do you create custom music scores?
    Answer: Yes, I enjoy composing custom music scores for any type of project. Contact me via email at for more information.
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